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Become a Jog Derbyshire leader

Jog Derbyshire leaders are the backbone of the groups. They’re pretty special people, volunteering their time to support others in their running journey. Often because they’re passionate about the difference a jog group can make to someone’s physical and mental health and have often been on a journey themselves.

Anyone can become a Jog Derbyshire leader. It’s a common misconception that leaders need to be fast and super fit but that’s not the case at all. As long as you’re friendly, passionate and have some free time to give you will be great.

How do I get started?

To become a Jog Derbyshire leader you need to have completed the England Athletics ‘Leadership in Running Fitness‘ (LiRF) training course. The online course is designed to equip new leaders with the knowledge and skill required to lead mixed ability groups of walkers and joggers and provides you with UK Athletics insurance.

Topics include: barriers to participation, planning, warm up and cool down, session management, stretching and mobility, goal setting, common injuries, footwear – the basics and RunTogether ethos and aims.

On completion of the course and subject to confirmation of a UK Athletics DBS disclosure, England Athletics will issue you with a coaching licence. You’ll then be able to register your Jog Derbyshire group with us.

You can find out more about the course here.

What’s the next step?


Once you’ve got your LiRF qualification you’re ready to go. If you need any support in setting up or promoting your new group we’re here to help.

Your group will be added to the online map on the Jog Derbyshire website. We're happy to help you promote your jog group and are always on the lookout for photos and stories to help highlight jog groups on our social media pages.

I’m struggling to manage a group on my own, can you help?

Jog Derbyshire's in-house co-leader training course allows other members of the group to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to support the jog group leader. The short online session covers things like how to help participants overcome barriers, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere and health and safety. Once a co-leader has attended this course they are able to offer support alongside the leader. They will also gain access to the leaders Facebook group and receive the monthly newsletter.

We can also offer support to find additional funding should you want to train more LiRF leaders.

I’m already LiRF trained and leading a group, can we join Jog Derbyshire?

Of course! We’re always absolutely thrilled to welcome new groups to the network. As long as you have a similar ethos to that of Jog Derbyshire, which is all about relaxed, social jogging then we’d love to have you on board.

By joining Jog Derbyshire you get access to practical and marketing support from our Jog Derbyshire co-ordinators and PR and marketing officer, a monthly newsletter sharing hints and tips, stories and news from across the network, invites to exclusive training courses or networking events, including our popular in-house co-leader training and promotional materials such as medals.

If you’d like to become a leader or add your existing group to the Jog Derbyshire network please get in touch with us by emailing

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