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Group spotlight: Ilkeston Joggers

Ilkeston Joggers is a Jog Derbyshire group based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Leader Natalie tells us all about it.

How many leaders do you have? 6

How many co-leaders do you have? 5

Roughly how many participants regularly run with you? Varies hugely dependent on whether we have a couch to 5k programme running, 20-60 a week

When and where do you meet? Wednesdays at the bottom of Tesco car park, Rutland Street, Ilkeston. 6.15pm

Tell us about the history of the group.

Ilkeston Joggers formed in 2014, born from members of Ilkeston Running Club. Since then we have been operating 2-3 ability groups every Wednesday evening with up to three couch to 5k intakes each year.

Tell us a bit about the group

We have welcomed new leaders and co leaders over our 9 years, which has helped the group evolve. Our super friendly atmosphere and supportive volunteers means that we have a great reputation in the community and we are a hub where like-minded people end up making friends for life. We mostly attract people that are completely new to exercise or returning from injury, having children or simply time out from physical activity.

What’s your best memory of the group?

Our couch to 5k graduations are extremely proud moments and turn into a huge celebration (usually involved cake!)

Are there any extra-special members of the group who deserve a shout out?

Seeing people like participants Tammy, Hannah, and Jo who joined our couch to 5k programmes 2-4 years ago, now training for half marathons is very inspiring.

What’s the best thing about being part of Jog Derbyshire?

The ability to regularly train co-leaders is a huge benefit to our affiliation with Jog Derbyshire. And the support given to our couch to 5k programmes via the certificates and medals is also very much appreciated.

Are there any opportunities for other groups to join you?

Yes definitely. We occasionally do ‘away’ day runs from pubs etc, or by meeting at other parts of Ilkeston. We would welcome other groups to join us.

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