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Group Spotlight – Overseal Running Club

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Leader of Jog Derbyshire group Overseal Running Club, Stephen Turner tells us all about the group.

How many leaders do you have? 11

How many co-leaders do you have? 12

Roughly how many participants regularly run with you?30 to 40, split over two or three groups

When and where do you meet? We meet at Overseal Village Hall at 7.15pm on Tuesday and Thursdays and on Sunday mornings at 8.45am. Occasionally we will start from a different location to try different routes, this is published well in advance on our Facebook page which all members have access to. Some members run once a week, others on every session, but members can run as little or often as they want.

Tell us about the history of the group. How long has it been going and how did it start?

Our club co-founder, Simon Locker, made a request on a local Facebook page in 2015 asking if anyone in the village was interested in going for a run, on Sunday mornings. He met our other co-founder, Justin Kirkham, along with a few others and our club was born. It has continued to thrive and plays a very active role in the local community.

Tell us a bit about the group – its atmosphere, anything which makes it special etc.

Overseal Running Club is a very social group that caters for runners of all ages and abilities. The atmosphere is always relaxed. The jog and co-leaders are supportive and always encouraging. We are proud that many of our members come from the Couch to 5k programmes that we run annually. There’s not only a focus on running as a way to keep physically fit, but to improve your mental well-being.

We are also proud as a club that we managed to keep activities going throughout the Covid lockdown periods, offering support to all members and encouraging them to continue with their exercise. We also get involved in local community initiatives and carry out fundraising for various charities, organise litter picks, arrange coffee and cake mornings etc. The group will be taking part in the 60th Overseal Parade & Gala on the 9th July, please come along and say hello, we will have a stall on the recreation ground.

What’s your best memory of Overseal Running Club?

Seeing how many of the participants in the C25K programmes complete the course and then go on to join the club and continue running. It is amazing to see the progress the members have made over such a relatively short period of time. A few of our C25K graduates have gone on to complete co-leader and jog leader courses. Some of our members have progressed from C25K to completing marathons too!

Are there any extra-special members of the group who deserve a shout out?

We are proud of every member of our club, each and every participant contributes to the success and enjoyment that we share in some way. Simon and Justin, our co-founders, have given up a lot of their own time to make the club a success. Wayne Pycroft, a fellow jog leader, has run the C25K programme with me in 2022. Mark Rawlins recently became a jog leader and takes our alternative earlier running sessions that start at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dave Rosser, a newly qualified co-leader, deserves a special mention for his enthusiasm and dedication.

One of our members, Lynn Statham, has been selected to run in the London Marathon this year, she will be raising money for Muscular Dystrophy UK.

What’s the best thing about being part of Jog Derbyshire?

Feeling part of a larger like-minded community is fantastic. We get great support from the group. Seeing how many people are taking up running and enjoying it is inspirational. We are very grateful for the help that Jog Derbyshire gave to the club on the recent C25K graduation, providing the medals and certificates for us.

Are there any opportunities for other groups to join you? E.g. on regular runs or at special events.

We welcome guest runners (and coaches/jog-leaders from other clubs). It is always good to spend time with fellow runners and to share running experiences, coaching tips etc. We also organise a running event called the Gunby Gallop, held annually. This has 5km and 10km runs, plus a run for under-16’s too. It is over fields, woods and hills, so bring your trail shoes!

You can find out more about Overseal Running Club by visiting their website here.

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