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Resourceful Ripley Rogue Runners Stay Connected

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

When it comes to jogging in Derbyshire, we thought we had seen it all, right? Wrong! The last few weeks has seen the people of Ripley and surrounding areas pounding the pavements carrying tubes of toothpaste and toilet rolls, stopping to take selfies with post boxes and even getting in the miles on their driveways!

These weird and wonderful new ways of running are all down to Ripley Rogues and the determination of the group leaders to continue to support and motivate the joggers in their community.

Ripley Rogue Runners is part of the Jog Derbyshire network and was established in 2019. It has quickly become a popular social running group in the Ripley area with over 400 members and an award winning Leader.

Social Distancing

When the news came that community groups could no longer meet, the Jog Leaders at the group knew that getting outdoors and socialising with one another were too important to simply just stop. Instead they got creative and came up with new and innovative ways to keep their members active and connected.

Creative Connections

Their light-hearted approach is clearly being enjoyed by all and is offering some welcome relief and distraction from what is happening in the world around us. Examples include a Covid-19 Relay Run – in which all participants carried a novelty baton (and of course had to post photo evidence!) and last week’s ‘Post Box Selfie’ jog.

The group’s lively and interactive Facebook page features new pictures and posts every day, each one accompanied by motivational words and conversation. Mutual support is embedded in the group’s ethos as demonstrated by the holistic health messages promoting mental well-being as well as physical fitness. Scrolling through, you can imagine the smiles and hear the laughter, the value of which should never be underestimated in challenging times such as these.

Jog Leader James Illsley said ‘It has given us a sense of purpose and community in difficult times. Every run is met with positivity and encouragement. It’s great to see so many people carrying on as best they can and engaging within the group online. One lady even ran on her driveway as she wanted to save her daily activity to take her kids out when her husband got home.’

Couch to 5k

The Rogues’ 0 – 5km graduation run will still be taking place on 4th April but of course in virtual style. Good luck and well done to all.

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