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The story of Peak Running and Jog Derbyshire

There’s that common slogan, new year, new start, and that’s definitely true for Jog Derbyshire this year as our partnership with Peak Running gets officially under way.

It’s a really exciting time as we join forces with our long-standing friends, bringing together two organisations with the same important values of community and wellbeing.

What does it mean for Jog Derbyshire?

Is anything changing and what does the future hold, you may be thinking? Well to start with it will be business as usual.

The existing Jog Derbyshire team – Lucy, Linda and Jennie – are still beavering away supporting jog groups as well as new ones joining the network. But are now officially part of the Peak Running family following the closure of our previous parent company, Shift.

While Peak Running shares a very similar ethos to Shift, their focus and expertise on the running scene will enable us to broaden and strengthen the network. It brings in additional skills to the team and provides a clearer pathway to exciting opportunities for Jog Derbyshire group members.

This is all enabled by Peak Running’s Community Interest Company (CIC) status.

What on earth is a CIC?

As the name suggests, it’s all about operating in the interests of the community – in a similar way to a charity but with a bit more freedom. As a result, Peak Running operates on a not-for-profit basis and any surplus money generated through events and other activities goes straight back into supporting the community.

Now Jog Derbyshire is part of Peak Running, that includes all of you.

There are lots more elements to it behind the scenes, including the legal obligations and reporting requirements. We’ll not bore you with all that here, but you can be sure that supporting Peak Running means supporting Jog Derbyshire too.

What does that community support look like?

Exactly how we support and provide benefit to the community is something that will evolve over time and will be heavily influenced by what people want. So you may see Jog Derbyshire Director (and Peak Running founder) Andy - and the rest of the team - out and about over the coming months listening to what matters to you.

Some of this support might take the form of training for jog leaders or more events which provide the opportunity to socialise with others, explore different parts of the county and benefit from the physical and mental health impact of being out with others in the fresh air and nature.

At Peak Running this includes things like a weekly bRUNch club with a social event afterwards, guided trail runs to make the beautiful Peak District more accessible to everyone as well as coaching support and training workshops to help motivate and enable people to explore the countryside in a safe way.

We’ll also be looking for opportunities to collaborate with jog groups on initiatives that will be of mutual benefit going forwards.

What can the Jog Derbyshire network do to help?

What will really help us to help you is for the existing Peak Running events and activities to be successful and well attended. Because this will play a key part in generating funds that will be invested back into the community.

You can help with this, even if you’re not up for taking part yourself. Simply by spreading the word and helping promote things that are happening. And the easiest way to do this – other than by word of mouth – is by following Peak Running social media channels and liking/sharing posts about what’s coming up.

It’s fair to say that the pandemic has hindered some aspirations for initiatives. Like many organisations survival was the main goal through that time.

But with that now (hopefully) behind us we’re excited about the future and hope you’re all excited about coming on that journey with us.

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