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Group spotlight: Mickleover Joggers

Mickleover Joggers is a jogging and running group based in Mickleover, Derbyshire and part of the Jog Derbyshire family. Leader Joy tells us all about it.

Tell us about the history of Mickleover Joggers

The club was established in 2013 by Joy Walton-Power. Joy worked at the Rutland Sports Centre when she was asked to form a Jog Derbyshire group - which she did. When Joy moved to Derby in 2013 she set up Mickleover Joggers with Jo Taylor and it's been growing ever since then.

Tell us about the running group

It's really friendly - a real mix of experienced 'serious' runners and people new or returning to running. There are young parents, police officers, nurses, electricians and even an astronaut (okay, that's a lie!) We're always up for a laugh but can offer serious advice when needed.

What's your best memory of the running group?

My best memory is from the Derby 10 Mile last year. We had two members towards the back of the field - one had never ran 10 miles before. About six of us ran back from the start to meet her and her partners and supported her for the last mile of the race. It was great.

Are there any extra special members pf Mickleover Joggers who deserve a shout out?

Joy - our founder and leader. She's so enthusiastic about everything. She's had a new knee and also kept running right up until a few weeks before her 2nd child was born.

What's the best thing about being part of Jog Derbyshire?

Being part of Jog Derbyshire gives our members the benefits of being part of a large club, while enabling them to feel part of a smaller more personal group. The Derby 10k is a great example of this.

Are there opportunities for other running groups to join you?

Of course, we'd be happy to join other groups and be joined for special events. We have our 10 year anniversary this year and I believe we have plans to celebrate it.

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